As a geriatrician, Dr. Bither noted in his private practice the need for more comprehensive and high quality care of frail elders living in assisted living and the nursing home. In 2001, Dr. Bither founded SMGA with the intention of improving care for these older adults using the best available medical science from the rapidly expanding, new field of geriatric medicine. Since that time, seven other doctors and six nurse practitioners have joined Southern Maine Geriatrics to provide specialized geriatric care directly to older adults in 10 facilities throughout southern and central Maine.

Dr. Bither, Dr. Mosher, Dr. A Berman, Dr. K Berman, Dr. Ungar, Dr. Saylor, Dr. Barr and Dr. Moore work collaboratively with our nurse practitioners to provide onsite services at long-term care and assisted living facilities. This team approach has proven effective in reducing emergency room visits and hospitalizations.  Research documents that patients, families and staff are much more satisfied with this model than the more traditional solo physician model of care.   Our nurse practitioners and doctors routinely travel to our facilities a number of times a week. This eliminates the need for family members to schedule and transport patients to doctors’ offices. In addition, we provide on-call coverage to facility staff for urgent medical issues 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.  This provides responsive quality medical support necessary to keep patients in their facilities and out of hospitals.

All of our doctors are either certified, or in the process of obtaining certification, as Medical Directors from the American Medical Director Association.