Hopkinson & Abbondanza

For over 20 years Hopkinson & Abbondanza has represented successful clients who make things happen; they are people who work hard, who build businesses, invest in opportunities, and wish to leave legacies for their community and the next generation. Our clients’ needs range from improving corporate compliance for the transition of a major multi-generation family business to needing a simple will or a real estate closing for a first-time home buyer. Our clients trust us to be there for them and our reputation proves that we are.

Hopkinson & Abbondanza is a boutique law firm. We are right sized to serve our clients efficiently and effectively in estate planning, real estate and business matters. We collaborate with other law firms and professionals both in our field and in fields where we do not practice. Our collaborative advisors have developed their own expertise and when we work together, our clients gain access to some of the best minds in our community and around the country. We train with thought-leaders in estate planning, asset protection, land-use ideas and business development and planning.